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Warren Schofield is a European Specialist Veterinary Surgeon working in Ireland. He has previously lectured at University College Dublin, and been a partner at Troytown Equine Hospital in County Kildare.  Warren specialises in surgery and orthopaedics, particularly racehorse and high performance horse orthopaedics. He developed the novel idea of standing fracture repair in horses, and led the surgical team which performed the first ever reported procedures of internal fixation of fractures in racehorses in the standing position.  This method avoids the relatively high risks of general anaesthesia and recovery from the recumbent position. This technique is now practised all over the world and has resulted in a significant improvement in the management of many types of fractures, and thereby a significant improvement in the welfare of these horses. He has a wide range of scientific publications including the subjects of horse welfare, colic surgery, reproductive tract surgery, and orthopaedics. He contributes regularly to Irish and international veterinary conferences. He became an independent surgeon in 2020 and now performs equine surgery around the island of Ireland, including at University College Dublin, where he assists in the training of students and resident veterinary surgeons in equine surgery and orthopaedics. His main surgery location is Lisadell Equine Hospital in County Meath.

Our Services

A wide range of elective and scheduled surgical procedures, including abdomen, wind and reproductive tract surgery, arthroscopy, angular limb deformity and fracture treatment are offered. Please contact us to discuss the details of each individual horse.
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From evaluation of known conditions to the exploration of the uncertain, or difficult to diagnose, we can advise on further steps available to more fully understand the problem you are faced with. Or lay out treatment and rehabilitation option plans for the way ahead.
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Whether it's the purchase of a high value performance horse or a family pony for the children, or the interpretation of radiographs or other imaging results we can help out. Contact us through the website if you need assistance with the assessment of your next horse.
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Expert Witness
Sometimes things go wrong despite the best intentions of everyone on the team. We can help evaluate and advise on the situation at hand. Expert reports can be provided where necessary and appropriate.
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Welfare Cases
Warren has a track record of examining, assessing and providing written reports for all aspects of horse's welfare and their management. He has a track record of publishing in the area of stereotypical behaviour and it's management in horses.
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